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Title: Recruiting (how to apply to Hidden Agenda)
Post by: Ruffio on Sep 26, 09:55 2007

We accepting new members from all walks of life. New or old doesn't matter.

If you a miner, mission runner, fancy pvp or a little bit of everything that is fine, we don't limit ourselves to just one thing.

- 0% TAX we want you as the player, not your isk.
- If you like to mine, we got members that interested in buy ore to competive market prices.

Currently we focus on (but not limited to)

The wormhole experience - All kinds wormhole, pve, pvp. (activity restricted by API)
Small gang faction warfare - pvp practice, grind some isk etc (separate character required)

None of the above exlude any other activities though.

If you want to apply for our Corp in EVE-Online. Please answer the questions under and mail them to "Gadher" in EVE.
You also need to apply in game for application process to start.

1) Your timezone and location.
2) Please make a short introduction of yourself.
3) Do you know any current members of Hidden Agenda?
4) What is your main interest in EVE-Online? Do you have any particular goals and how do they fit with Hidden Agenda?
5) Why did you quit your previous corp? What do you expect in Hidden Agenda that they didn't have?
6) What other mmo's do/did you play? (we play other games together too)
7) Why do you think we should recruit you?

- Please include a valid e-mail address. Needed to access forums, certain tools etc.

-  Include full API for your character(s) (Without full API, we won't process your application)
NOTE: Alpha clones require no API up front

Title: Re: Recruiting (about joining)
Post by: Ruffio on Jun 26, 21:40 2011



- It's very rare that we as an entity war someone (we seek out pvp in low, null and wspace for most parts), but with this being eve-online, we will be war-deced now and then, it's part of the game. Depending on the type of war, we either just ignore/avoid, or try get some fun out of it, if it's worth the time.  If you the type that jump ship and take off as soon as your Corp get war deced, please DO NOT apply to ours, save us both a lot of hassle.

- and please, do not apply if you not sure about want to join in the first place, or just need a place to park until the next big thing. Saves us both time and effort  ;)
Title: Re: Recruiting (about joining)
Post by: Ruffio on Apr 18, 08:28 2012


Characters found to be bought/traded is likely not to be accepted.