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Visitors Lounge / Public Registration is * DISABLED *
« on: Jun 16, 04:36 2011 »

This is a private board, access is gained through invitation.

Accounts will be set up for you through ingame verification.

Visitors Lounge / About Hidden Agenda
« on: Sep 30, 11:33 2007 »
Hidden Agenda where founded in the first quarter of 2004. The founding members came primary from “Shattered Star Confederation”, at that time a member of Fountain Alliance. There was major fallout, and we left to found something better, something of our own.

Many of our founding members have since passed on to other things in life, some quit Corp to go other paths in EVE, some of us still here. Corp evolved over time. We have been through good times, and bad times, but still here, a decade later.

Corp is run and governed by a council made up by CEO & Directors. But every member got a voice to be heard and considered.

The very founding blocks of the Corp is; players first. We are all players, regardless of wealth, experience and age in game. Equals as players of EVE. Our members are bound to treat each other with respect and friendliness.

We do not tolerate grieving, scamming, piracy, smack talking or in any other way acts and behavior of our members that will reflect negative back at our Corp.

Hidden Agenda could be said to be industrious biased, but we do believe in diversity and doesnt lock ourselfs down to a spesific role.


We accepting new members from all walks of life. New or old doesn't matter.

If you a miner, mission runner, fancy pvp or a little bit of everything that is fine, we don't limit ourselves to just one thing.

- 0% TAX we want you as the player, not your isk.
- If you like to mine, we got members that interested in buy ore to competive market prices.

Currently we focus on (but not limited to)

The wormhole experience - All kinds wormhole, pve, pvp. (activity restricted by API)
Small gang faction warfare - pvp practice, grind some isk etc (separate character required)

None of the above exlude any other activities though.

If you want to apply for our Corp in EVE-Online. Please answer the questions under and mail them to "Gadher" in EVE.
You also need to apply in game for application process to start.

1) Your timezone and location.
2) Please make a short introduction of yourself.
3) Do you know any current members of Hidden Agenda?
4) What is your main interest in EVE-Online? Do you have any particular goals and how do they fit with Hidden Agenda?
5) Why did you quit your previous corp? What do you expect in Hidden Agenda that they didn't have?
6) What other mmo's do/did you play? (we play other games together too)
7) Why do you think we should recruit you?

- Please include a valid e-mail address. Needed to access forums, certain tools etc.

-  Include full API for your character(s) (Without full API, we won't process your application)
NOTE: Alpha clones require no API up front

Visitors Lounge / About these forums
« on: Sep 26, 06:49 2007 »
These forums is for most parts locked for the public and member access is required to explore them fully.

Member access is restricted to members of our alliance, corp and friends of in the online game: EVE-Online @

If you are a part of the EVE-Online community and would like public access to our forums, send me a mail ingame @ "Ruffio Sepico" and state why.
Even with public member access you will be restricted to what you can access on these forums.

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