Telk Behm'shai
Tribute to the fallen

When playing a game such as EVE it’s easy to get lost in the wonderful world it is. Time and space become not so important, you have fun, you are free to live and act out the type of character you want to be. You interact with other people across of borders and languages you get to know people you normally wouldn’t else. Some become friends, good friends, then one day real life catch up with you and the magical virtual world you share with your friends doesn’t mean as much any longer.

Within relative short time the members of Hidden Agenda had to deal with real life deaths of friends playing in EVE. One day they was there having a laugh with you, their familiar voices on team speak, the next they were gone, ripped away way too soon. Left with sorrow and the gratitude to have had the honours to get to know these people we carry on with a piece of them inside of us...

In memory of Mordred & Telk Behm'Shai, taken away from us all too soon.